RELATED's flagship product, AbSolve (formerly known as the Custom Absence Management Program or CAMP) combines risk management (services) and risk assumption (insurance) mechanisms to deliver a fully-integrated Leave of Absence outsourcing solution for qualified employers. Under this model, all leave events are determined for eligibility in the context of both job protection (FML and statutory equivalents) and insured income replacement (short-term disability, workers' compensation) in concert with employer provisions for salary continuation that may supplement benefit payments during a qualified leave event. AbSolve represents the highest levels of flexibility and control for employers while ensuring an optimal user experience for employees and can often leverage existing costs to increase return on investment.

Administrative Services Only/Advice-to-Pay

For employers who may not want or need disability and/or workers' compensation insurance, RELATED can offer all of the services of AbSolve on an Administrative Services Only/Advice-to-Pay basis. In an ASO/ATP environment, employers realize all of the desired flexibility, compliance, and administrative efficiencies of AbSolve and continue to rely on existing third-party benefit providers and/or self-insured programs to make benefit payments to employees at time of claim. The ASO/ATP model validates and supports the benefit determination process of third-party providers while still delivering compliance, reporting, benchmarking, and administrative efficiency of LOA outsourcing offered through AbSolve.

Short-Term Disability & Worker’s Compensation

Whether looking to satisfy statutory benefits requirements or replace and enhance a private disability plan, RELATED has the proprietary relationships in place to secure competitive coverage for you and your employees. Our proven risk management strategies and claims handling techniques allow for the most competitive pricing on insured programs. While not as robust as AbSolve or ASO/ATP in the context of compliance, administrative efficiency, reporting, or cost reduction, an insured solution through RELATED provides sustainable coverage at the highest possible value.

Executive Disability Program

Most companies have executive teams with unique profiles and needs. Recognizing that most top executives "outstrip" standard benefit plans due to higher-than-average salaries and therefore realize a benefits shortfall at the time of claim, RELATED offers executive disability programs that are tailored to the income replacement requirements of high-earners and/or those with specialty occupations that traditional insurance programs and providers cannot accommodate. Employers offering these focused products to key staff perpetuate an appropriate total rewards culture, engender goodwill among top-level employees, and increase retention where it matters most.