RELATED's Absence Management Advisory Services provide an overall strategy and outlined approach to Leave of Absence administration tailored to the unique requirements of your organization. Through an inventory of your company's leave policies, protocols, and processes and analysis of resulting leave history, consolidated data is then benchmarked against comparative data that captures demographics, industry, and region as well as overall national averages to identify outliers and potential areas of opportunity. Organizational objectives are then tempered with best practices and compliance requirements to develop a multi-phase approach that supports corporate culture and structure. Finally, critical numbers and key performance indicators are quantified and qualified to help measure milestones and overall success over time.


RELATED's Absence Management Implementation Services ensure accountability in execution of your absence management strategy. With a game plan in hand, RELATED can lead or support your transition to optimize efficiency, compliance and alignment among all stakeholders. From employees to internal practitioners to vendors, RELATED can support internal and external communications, streamline and synthesize process re-engineering, and negotiate, contract, and manage projects and third-party resources within scope.


RELATED's Absence Management Analytical Services validate your Leave of Absence data through proprietary software and proven methodologies. Beyond critical numbers and key performance indicators, we dig deep into the data to substantiate the impact of organizational structure, policy, legislation, and related programs (salary continuance, disability, workers' compensation) on leave utilization (frequency and duration) and cost to help you determine what you can change, isolate what you cannot and prioritize resources accordingly.


RELATED Absence Management Benchmarking Services leverage your organization's LOA analytics against those of various peer groups based on demographics, industry, geography and national averages. With the confidence in your own data comes the curiosity in that of others and RELATED's proprietary database in addition to those of credible third-parties combine to create the perspective necessary to evaluate results in full context and guide future decision making.